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Ron, Steve J, Anna and I all went to Burning Man the end of August/early September 2006.  The best way to describe it is a giant hippy party in the middle of the desert that lasts for a week.  At the end, they burn everything.  Approx 42,000 people went this year, all camping in a temporary city (they even had street signs, although towards the end people started burning those too) where you can check out artwork, visit theme camps, and party 24 hours a day.  


The Burning Man!


Our camp area, we rented an RV for this trip


People decorated their bikes and/or built art cars/mutant vehicles to get around the desert, some of them were even 2 stories and had a full bar!  The one below is a giant multi-person bicycle made to look like a wooly mammoth.


Guy just hanging out playing his trumpet


Tent made out of panties


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